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data recovery wizard pro with bootable media

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard review for Mac And Windows

data recovery wizard pro with bootable media

User Comments Nowadays, data loss happens more and more frequently as we are living in a digital world and people like storing important files on their computer. One of the major reasons for data loss is hard drive dead.

External and internal hard drive can be dead sometimes due to many reasons. And you may hear a few strange sounds when you attempt to boot your computer. Shortly afterwards, the booting process may stop and all the data on the dead hard disk can be inaccessible. Under this situation, your internal hard disk drive might become dead. How to recover data from dead hard drive? Luckily, with dead hard drive data recovery software such as MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can retrieve all lost files from the dead hard drive.

Before you conduct a dead hard drive recovery, you can learn about the data recovery software – MiniTool Partition Wizard.

And it is capable of recovering all kinds of files including documents, photos, audios, videos, compressed files, application files, system files, emptied files form recycle bin and other file types from your internal and external storage device.

MiniTool Partition Wizard supports various storage media. And it also supports all Windows versions including Windows 10 Windows 8, Windows 8. It is a very user-friendly data recovery tool for Windows users who are experiencing data loss disaster.

And here are several scenarios that you might encounter data loss on your hard drive but Data Recovery can help you recover it. Delete files mistakenly or empty your PC recycle bin unintentionally. Hard disk is infected by a virus and cannot access or open. Hard drive is not detected or showing up.

Hard drive has file system errors and all the data become inaccessible. Hard drive is crashed. How to Recover Data from a Dead External Hard Drive If your external hard drive is dead, you are unable to access or read all your files on it. Under this circumstance, you can try using MiniTool Partition Wizard to read cover data from dead external hard drive.

Before you start recovering data from the dead external hard drive, you can try the following ways to see if the dead external hard drive can be fixed. Connect the dead external hard drive to a new USB port on your computer. If the external hard drive is not showing up on your computer, try uninstalling hard drive drivers. Reinstall USB controller to see if that can fix a dead external hard drive. You can open up the case and see if all connections are OK.

Just be careful as hard drive is vulnerable. After repairing the dead external hard drive, if you are still unable to access or read all your files on the external hard drive, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate to help you. If the hard drive dead is caused by physical damage, you need to resort to professional help from hard disk recovery service.

And recover data from dead hard drive could be very expensive. As long as the data loss is not caused by physical damage, you can recover data from dead hard drive easily. Step 1. Connect the dead external hard drive on your computer. Step 2. Install it on your computer and launch it to get the main interface. Buy Now Step 3. Step 4. After launching Data Recovery function, you can see that all disk partitions including the external hard drive are arrayed by drive letters.

Here Data Recovery will list 5 parts, and every part is different from each other. Recovery Result: This part will record the last scanning result and it also allows users to manually load scanning result to check recovered files directly. Logical Drive: All existing partitions on the computer will be listed here, including all the partitions on the dead external hard drive.

Lost Partition: All lost partitions detected by Data Recovery will be listed here, and you can recover data from lost partitions on the dead external hard drive. Unallocated Space: All unallocated spaces on the computer will be listed here.

Hard Disk: All hard disks on the computer will be listed here. You can also select a hard disk to scan. Step 5. Select a partition on the dead external hard disk and click Scan. Step 6. MiniTool Partition Wizard is scanning the dead external hard drive now. During the process of scanning, you can pause or stop the scanning by clicking the Pause or Stop button if you find what you need.

Step 7. After completing the scan, you can check the essentials you need and click Save button on the lower right corner. Step 8. At last, choose a directory to save the needed files.

Do Not save the recovered files to your original dead external hard drive. It is recommended to save the recovered files on another drive. If you come across external hard drive dead and do not have a backup, try using the dead hard drive recovery software with high recovery success rate to recover dead external hard drive.

If the internal hard drive is non-system disk, the method to recover data is the same as the dead external hard drive recovery. However, if the dead internal hard drive is your system disk, you are unable to boot up Windows. In this case, you need to recover data from the dead hard drive with bootable edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate. Here are detailed steps to show you how to recover data from a dead internal hard drive. Step 3. Then click Yes to confirm that you want to burn the boot flash drive.

The pop-up windows is to tell you that the data on the selected USB disk will be destroyed. Make sure the USB does not contain any important files.

Then click Yes. Click Finish after successful burning. Plug the USB drive on your computer with dead internal hard drive. Then boot from the disk. Step 9. Step Follow step 3- step 7 in the How to Recover Data from a Dead External Hard Drive part to start recovering data from a dead internal hard drive. In the bootable edition, every partition has its drive letter, including system reserved partition and EFI partition.

You can explore the partition to see if you choose the right partition to recover data. Strange Sounds If you hear strange sounds like clicking or grinding noises coming from the drive, you should pay attention to it, as the noise could be caused by a head crash or the motor of the drive failing. Frequent Computer Freezes and Crashes If you come across blue-screen errors frequently or sudden reboots of the operating system, the hard drive might be dead soon.

There are many reasons leading to computer freezes and crashes, but it might also indicates hard drive dead coming soon. So stay alert when you come across blue screen errors on your computer frequently. The Files on the Hard Drive Failed to Open or Missing If you often come across files suddenly disappeared or failed to open occasionally, this is not a good sign for your drive and you may encounter hard drive dead.

You can restart your computer for a few times to see if the data can be accessed. If not, you should make dead hard drive recovery immediately and stop using the hard drive. The Drive Cannot Be Recognized on Your Computer If your computer cannot recognize your hard drive, then it is recommended that you can take out the hard drive and test it in another computer.

If the hard drive doesn’t work in other computers as well, then it is probably dead. By following the steps in this post, I successfully recovered data from a dead hard drive. If you want to find a way to retrieve data from dead hard drive, you can try using MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate. If you have any question about how to recover data from a dead hard drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate, you can leave a message in the following comment zone and we will reply as soon as possible.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE Bootable Media

It affords the comprehensive records recuperation solution for laptop users to get better-misplaced records. To achieve this, one should create a bootable media along with a CD, DVD or USB flash power and launch the facts healing wizard after having access to the bootable media. Retrieve information from emptied recycle packing containers, hard formatted drives, dynamic disks, and deleted or eliminated walls. Easy to use interface to retrieve best the documents you need Free to download.

VIDEO: Data Recovery Wizard Pro With Bootable Media

Professional support on all technique problems. Pre-Sales Inquiry: Inquiry,quote, sales order,license code, Data Recovery Wizard WinPE Bootable Media. We tested and picked the best pro data recovery software that work (and scan startup, try EaseUs Data Recovery Bootable Media to recover your lost files. . ​ EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also one of the best recovery.

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